Transalp Experience 2023

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Limone Piemonte is one of the classic destinations for those travelling from the Riviera dei Fiori, an area with which contacts have always been cultivated. The reopening of the tunnel through the Colle di Tenda is planned for the end of the year. Until then, Limone can be reached via Colle di Nava or by the spectacular railway line that crosses the border between Italy and France.

Various summer activities are available in Limone for those who wish to stay in the town, choosing from a variety of possibilities, from an apartment to one of the characteristic hotels: strolling through the centre for an aperitif, walking or horse-riding to explore a variety of itineraries, but also activities at high altitude, where visitors will discover an incredible mountain environment. Then concerts, regional cuisine and spectacular downhill cycling.

Among the sporting experiences not to be missed, the Transalp is exceptional. A crossing of the Alps to the sea at Sanremo: a unique and exceptional route for an adventure that allows you to experience history, offering incredible views and ever changing emotions.

It starts from the car park at an altitude of 1,400 metres at 7:30 a.m., arriving with the Cabanaira chairlift at the entrance of the Via del Sale at 2,100 metres, where the Transalp 2023 really begins. This is where the cycling route along the spectacular Via del Sale, which once linked the coast to the inland areas of Piedmont, begins. Today, the route is an ex-military dirt road that winds along the Alpine watershed on the French-Italian border, between hairpin bends that are walled in or carved into the rock, in a breathtaking landscape that passes through natural parks and protected areas. The landscape gradually becomes more like a moonscape, covered with coniferous and fir forests, offering open views where the sea always stands out in the background, ready to welcome the participants at the finish line.

The 95-kilometre Transalp route is an adventure within everyone’s grasp, thanks to medical and mechanical assistance, replacement bike service, luggage transport and accompanying guides. Transalp is also synonymous with companionship and cheerfulness, thanks to the opportunity to tackle the route with other travellers and the conviviality created in the refreshment points provided, where local, Piedmontese and Ligurian food and wine are served, until the arrival in Sanremo. The return to Limone is by reserved bus, which takes the cyclists back to the start at an altitude of 1,400 metres.

The Transalp is more than a mere cycling trip. It is an all-round bike experience just waiting to be enjoyed.

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