Alassio: between Dolce Vita, beach and culture

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Its name alone evokes the quintessence of a charming mix of worldly summers, VIPs wrapped in multi-coloured sarongs at every corner of the narrow and stylish “budello” which stimulates the town and its unforgettable evenings. Alassio was the capital of international social life during the fifties and it still attracts tourists who appreciate the charming old town overflowing with elegant shops, large and tidy sandy beaches and an entertainment tailored for every palate.

The success of its “muretto” and the scope of its names should be enough to describe the vitality of a city that lives off tourism. But there are other aspects of Alassio which are greatly appreciated by those who decide to spend their holidays here. With about a hundred beach resorts and the view of a bay which extends from Albenga to the neighbouring fishing village of Laigueglia, Alassio’s beach is a popular destination for those wishing to enjoy holidays made up of sea and relaxation. These are beaches of fine sand, with a climate that allows sunbathers and iodine fans to enjoy the well-being of a walk on its shoreline from spring to autumn. The British, who invaded the Palm tree Riviera during the late nineteenth century in search of the beneficial effects of sea bathing, were certainly farsighted.

It is largely thanks to the English that the cultural climate of Alassio has remained active up to today. The town hosts many events dedicated to culture, current affairs and the world of books, among which the “Premio Alassio 100 libri – an author for Europe” stands out, the result of twenty years of intense promotion of contemporary literature and reading carried out by the Town Library Service.

Alessandra Chiappori

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