The Coast

Few cities in Italy and the world, similar in terms of territorial expansion and number of inhabitants (less than 55 thousand), can boast international fame, appeal and wealth of history, tourism, sports, singing and entrepreneurial culture, as well as a glorious architectural heritage equal to that of Sanremo. First of all, let us specify that the correct name is Sanremo, a single word. Never heard of a saint named Remo.

From the Casino of Corso Inglesi, a wonderful Art Nouveau building built in the early 1900s by the Frenchman Eugène Ferret, to Villa Nobel, the last residence of the great Swedish artist, there is a succession of splendid buildings, which in the last century made Sanremo become one of the most frequented and coveted destinations by the European aristocracy and the more enlightened bourgeoise. Just to mention a few, the wonderful newly restored Russian, Palazzo Borea d’Olmo in the city centre, Villa Ormond, Palazzo Bellevue, which has been the seat of the Municipality for decades, the two 5-star luxury hotels the Hotel Royal and the Miramare Palace, which has just been brought back to the splendour of the years when Evita Peron looked out the window from her princely terrace.

Not to forget the suggestive “rambla”, which from the Saracen Tower in Piazza Eroi goes straight to the sea, until it crosses the splendid restored complex of the Fort of Santa Tecla – the only Genoese fort with the mouths of fire facing the city, which later became an ancient prison and today has been transformed into a suggestive venue for festivals, exhibitions and cultural events. It’s worth mentioning the tourist port of Portosole with over 800 berths, the old port at the heart of a restyling project that will host over 470 boats to place Sanremo at the centre of a development of the yachting sector that promises to be a truly unpredictable economic flywheel. This considering what the city can offer to the most demanding visitors – an 18-hole golf course among the most beautiful in Italy and a wonderful equestrian centre overlooking the sea, a stone’s throw from the city centre, as well as the Luxury outlet The Mall in Valle Armea at the gates of the city. An enrichment of the city’s commercial, an additional destination for traditional tourists during summer, for the lovers of music during the Song Festival and those of the international sporting events, such as the cycling event Milan-Sanremo or the fascinating Rallye, which has always been heritage of the City of Flowers. The Mall si the new high-end shopping occasion that integrate the varied offer of the elegant via Matteotti, the good city cultural gathering, which has been entirely pedestrianised a few years ago and repaved with the plates of the Festival winners and the statue of Mike Bongiorno.

Sanremo is the city of flowers as remembered every year also by the event Sanremo in Fiore, broadcasted by RAI Linea Verde and recognized by MIBACT as one of the most important national historical carnivals, during which the floral wagons of all the Riviera dei Fiori parade in the city centre with masks, colours, joy and lots of music.

Sanremo is also home of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, recognised among the 13 most important musical institutions nationally and that we see worldwide broadcasted on RAI1 every year for the live performances of the singers on the stage of the Sanremo Festival.

From one universe to another, Sanremo is a mix of modernity and history. And the origins of Pigna date back to many centuries ago, the characteristic historical centre that climbs up to the Madonna della Costa among alleys, small squares and amazing buildings that seem to lean on each other, keeping their charm intact.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, go to Bresca square, the various places of the port or to Morgana during summer, for its different bathing establishments on the beaches from Lido Imperatrice to the Three bridges that are all connected by the cycle lane.

Considering the food, in addition to the local delicacies, do not forget to ask for and taste an excellence – the Red Prawn of Sanremo that is recognised as the best in the world. And what about the weather? It has no equal in the rest of Italy, which is why it has been promoted as the best ever by a survey of IlSole24ore, which places the province of Imperia at the top of the podium.

Sanremo is the ideal place for those who love sports and outdoors throughout the year, also thanks to the longest cycle lane along the sea in Italy which within a few years could change from the current 24 to over 40 kilometres, crossing Imperia and expanding up to Andora.

Wonderful emotions are evoked also by the many Mountain bike trails and for the sightings of cetaceans, among the highest in the world, of the Pelagos Sanctuary which is right in front of Sanremo. In Sanremo, the centrepiece of the Riviera the Fiori, and where flowers find their natural home, every day is a special day.

Places to visit:

  • Art Gallery and Library “Rambaldi” Address: Via Rambaldi, 18038 Sanremo IM Telephone: +39 0184 670398
  • Civic Museum – Palazzo Nota Piazza Alberto Nota, 2 – Sanremo Telephone: +39 0184 580700
  • Flower Museum – Floriseum Corso Felice Cavallotti – Sanremo Telephone: +39 0184 503188
  • Villa Nobel Cavallotti 116, 18038 Sanremo Telephone: +39 0184 501017