Corsica on the horizon

Neighbors, Sea & Land

On clear and sunny mornings, losing the gaze on the horizon, it is easy to glimpse a distant land from the sea. It is Corsica. The French island is in fact visible to the naked eye already from the sea level, even without reaching the peaks of Monte Bignone, from which you can also distinguish its coasts besides the mountains.

A sight that has been always source of discussion among those who think it is a refraction, a mirage, the so-called “Fata Morgana” effect of Celtic mythology, which induced in the sailors visions of fantastic castles in the air or on the ground to attract and then lead them to death.

To better understand what is the truth about this wonderful manifestation of the nature we asked Achille Pennellatore, a well-known and famous meteorologist from Sanremo, for years the Director of the Portosole weather centre.

“What is visible is undoubtedly Corsica – explains the meteorologist – you can admire it when humidity is less than 35%. Already at 40% you cannot see it very and it then disappears completely when the humidity level reaches 50%.”

Many argue that the French island is visible only on third days of winter and when it is cold. “This is absolutely not true. I repeat, the possibility of seeing it does not depend on seasons, as it is also visible in the summer months. What determines its sharpness is just the humidity.”

Not everyone knows that the profile of the French island shows itself in all its beauty not only from the coast but also from the mountains behind our city. “Naturally” – explains Pennellatore – if we are by the sea only the peaks reaching 1300 meters stand out, but rising in altitude you can distinguish also the beaches of Corsica. What we see, covered in snow during the winter season, are the Monti Cinti, but in spring or summer we can also admire Monte Stello, Monte Rotondo and the Paglia Orba.”

A fascinating sight that, when the weather and climatic conditions recur, is possible to capture also with a simple camera.

by Simona Maccaferri – Professional Translation