The monastery of San Domenico in Taggia, a treasure of art and faith

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A fascinating place and a jewel of West Liguria, the monastery of San Domenico in Taggia is an authentic treasure chest of art and faith. Located immediately before the town entrance, on the left and in a raised position, the complex which includes the monastery and the gothic church is dedicated to Santa Maria of Misericordia and dominates the plain, facing the bridge of Castellaro.

Its history goes far back into the past: in 1468 Blessed Domenico Cristoforo from Milan called Lombard “wall masters” and stone-cutters to work at its construction, flanked by local craftsmen. It was a construction process which lasted 27 years, so that it was only possible to inaugurate the building on 8th of August 1490. Recently renovated, and restored in 1935 with the original gothic features, the church has a late gothic façade and a grey stone portal on which a pointed arch hosts the marble bas-relief of the Pietà. Entering, the irregular Latin cross plan gives way to three naves with the classic Liguria black and white decoration on the ribs and lateral arches.

The splendid monastery cloister also dates back to the 15th century. By scraping the plaster, the lunettes have revealed paintings dating back to between 1611 and 1615 and representing episodes of the life of San Domenico, by Alfonso di Pietro (1613) and GioBatta Merulo (1613).

[Marco Scolesi]

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