Perinaldo and freemasonry

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Perinaldo, the small village in the Verbone valley behind Vallecrosia, is mainly known as the birthplace of Giovanni “Gian” Domenico Cassini, a great XVII century astronomer who was chosen by “le Roi-Soleil” to supervise the Paris observatory. He was the scientist who discovered the rings of Saturn, but there are many other characters who have linked their name to Perinaldo in various ways.

After an accurate historical research, the mayor of the village, Francesco Guglielmi, has created a sort of “esoteric guide” which embraces some of the key points of the history of Perinaldo through different characters. In fact, in addition to the astronomer, there are various citations of the Maraldi family, whose founder married Cassini’s sister, among the documents found by the mayor. The Maraldi family also had several scientists, doctors, biologists and astronomers amongst its members, who collaborated with the Academy of Science and the Paris observatory over the years. It is precisely because of some letters that the membership of the Maraldi family with the freemasonry was discovered. Proof of this discovery is the watermark of the paper used for the letters, which showed Solomon’s columns when held against the light. Moreover, roughly six years ago, one of the three examples of cabala existing in Europe (the remaining two were at the time in the hands of cardinal Borromeo and of the Great Duke of Tuscany) was also found in the Maraldi castle. The precious manuscript goes back to 1706 and was translated into Italian from Hebrew by a copyist monk. The Maraldi family managed to keep this treasure hidden for many centuries, despite the many freemasons who frequented Perinaldo in the hope of finding the mysterious Cabala. Among the personalities visiting Perinaldo we have Count Cagliostro, the famous occultist from Campania, who stayed for few days with Doria’s Vassal, and Napoleon Bonaparte who was a guest of the Maraldi family during his Italian campaign.

[Samirah Muran]