The most beautiful and perfumed cycle path of Europe in the Coastal Park of the “Ponente Ligure”

What to do

People fond of bicycle trips, walks and nature can now find here in this oasis of peace and relaxation the ideal location to strengthen one’s body and spirit,  gazing at the never ending beauty spots the eye sees in the long and fascinating track between the pale blue and never-ending sea and sky; smelling the thousands of perfumes effused by agaves, lemon trees, bougainvillea and many other coloured flowers as well as figs, prickly pears, palms and pine trees,  typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub and aromatic plants.

Going through  the eight municipalities of San Lorenzo al Mare, Costarainera, Cipressa, Santo Stefano al Mare, Riva Ligure, Arma di Taggia, Sanremo and Ospedaletti on foot, by bike or tandem, skating or any other means allowed,  the hiker may also find many sites that are interesting from a cultural and artistic point of view, such as churches, convents, archaeological excavations, museums, ancient and precious buildings and much more.

There are also many  resting spots with benches and drinking fountains, various refreshment areas, bars, restaurants and hotels; along the track there are 10  “Nolo Bici” points where one may hire, pick up or leave a bicycle, tandems, skates and any other “eco-friendly” means of transport.

For all these reasons this track is already considered the most beautiful cycle path in  Europe, also because the mild and temperate climate of the “Riviera dei Fiori”  allows its use 365 days a year.

It is impossible to say which is the nicest one:  those who are fit may plan a day’s trip, for others there is the possibility of doing one at a time.. for all an unmissable chance to appreciate the colours and perfumes of this corner of the western side of Liguria with all its natural and architectural beauties, finally returned to the residents and the tourists who for years have now walked its path with pleasure.


Viviana Spada