From Perinaldo to Monte Caggio, along the ancient routes

What to do

From the municipality building in Perinaldo, we follow the road that goes beyond the provincial road for 500 metres towards the crest keeping to the right, then we take the path on the left which leads away from the crest. After a short flat stretch we go into the woods and begin to climb. After an hour’s walk the path reaches the crest; here the wood is sparser and we can enjoy some great scenery. Now the climb becomes easier towards the ruins of the church of Saint Pancras. From here we once again climb along the crest along the wide path which further on crosses two tracks to be ignored, and we continue until we reach Colle Termini of Perinaldo. From the top we continue to the right along the panoramic crest towards our goal; on the sparsely wooded crest we come to a crossroad, we keep on climbing straight up along the path which circles the side of the hill to the right and then reach the top from the North side through a lovely mixed wood. The top is a beautiful balcony with a clear view over the mountains and the sea; maybe a little uncomfortable as it consists of a heap of very large boulders. However, to the right of the cross there is a nice clearing shaded by trees, with an enchanted view of the sea and the French coast right up to the Isles of Hyères, well suited to a lunch break.

Taken from the book “Camminare per le antiche strade” by Marco Macchi