Airole Adventure Park

What to do

Imagine closing your eyes and moving from the wonderful sandy far west coast with its blue sea and long beaches, to the green of the forests sloping upwards on the most pristine inland. Two worlds, so different, enclosed in just 15 minutes. Can you believe it? Open your eyes and you will discover that you are not dreaming. In Airole, a wonderful hamlet located a few miles from the border town, there is an Adventure Park suitable for all ages.

The first citizen of Airole tells that “Our Adventure Park is truly spectacular and complete. There are three routes: a simple one, suitable for children from the age of five, and an average one and a high-level one, both suited to older and more experienced visitors, both of which are particularly demanding. Completely immersed in the green, it allows jumping from tree to tree, with heights reaching up to 15 meters. The park has been entrusted to the local tourist board, the Pro Loco, that manages it in extremely well and its staff is required to attend refresher courses every year to ensure maximum security for all visitors.”

Airole’s adventure park, born thanks to the idea and commitment of Filippo Di Capizzi too, is open every day from May to October and guarantees a minimum duration of two hours at a cost ranging from 8 to 14 Euros, based on the age of the participants.

[Simona Maccaferri]