Crosia Valley

The village of stars, as Perinaldo is otherwise known. Indeed, situated amongst vast swathes of olive trees, is the astronomical observatory dedicated to Gian Domenico Cassini, who was born in Perinaldo.

A place to study and observe the sky, where it is perfectly clear and unblighted by light pollution.

The Cassini Meridian passes right through Perinaldo, it also goes through Bordighera, Turin, Saint-Vincent… Legend has it that a Kabbalah was discovered in Castello Maraldi (Maraldi Castle), two other copies of which were owned by Cardinal Borromeo and the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

A myriad of painted facades with traditional sundials and the 15th-century church of San Nicola da Bari, together with its invaluable organ, enrich the village centre.

Don’t miss out on sampling the purple artichokes, protected by the Slow Food movement, which were introduced to this area by Napoleon Bonaparte.