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Discovering the seabed ofthe “Tuvi” with Bordighera Blu Park

Today’s dive was attended by 14 divers who documented the beauty of Bordighera’s seabed with videos and photos.

Bordighera June 10, 2023

It is an extremely valuable underwater area that is less than a mile from Cape St. Ampelio and lies at a depth of about 30 meters. The so-called “Tuvi” area off the coast of Bordighera is a paradise of biodiversity that the Bordighera Blu Park project wants everyone to know about, not just the experienced divers who dive there. For this reason, on Saturday, June 10, a dive was held right on the “Tuvi” in the presence of marine biologist Monica Previati, creator of the project together with European Research Institute, and 14 experienced divers, including camera operators. Divers will be tasked with documenting the beauty and richness of the area with images and videos that will become part of the project’s communication campaigns.

Bordighera Blu Park, implemented with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation under the Simbiosi call for proposals and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Bordighera, aims to insist on the knowledge of the marine environment that opens up around Cape Sant’Ampelio, from the coast to the deep areas that are not accessible to all. “The Tuvi seabed is an extraordinary habitat,” Monica Previati confirmed, “as it is characterized by organisms of extreme naturalistic value. For example, in the shallowest zone, about 30m deep, there is a stand of Leptogorgia Sarmentosa, which extends over 50m on a rocky substrate. Also present is Savalia savaglia, a species that has always been considered rare, so much so that from the 18th century onward it warranted the publication of report notes with each of its findings. Today it is considered a highly protected species (Bern Convention-Annex 2-3; Barcelona Convention Asp 2-3). However, the Tuvi is also an area characterized by pollution from fishing nets or abandoned fishing lines. Today’s recovery operation allowed us to bring to the surface not only dangerous pollutant material, but to document an area of extreme value that we will tell about on the project’s digital channels so that everyone can become aware of what lies beneath the surface of the Bordighera sea.”

“We are convinced that only knowledge can generate awareness – are the words of Franco Borgogno, head of the project for European Research Institute – knowing the marine environment around Capo Sant’Ampelio is the first way to spread among tourists, but even before that among citizens, the awareness of the importance of the sea in every aspect of human life. Today’s dive was also attended by underwater photographers: thanks to their work and the power of images, we will be able to tell the story of the beauty of the “Tuvi,” a place of great biodiversity, but also a fragile place, threatened by anthropogenic impact that reaches as deep as thirty meters.”

Preserve, protect and enhance are the missions of the project that will tell the story of the different habitats of Cape Sant’Ampelio, from the coast, passing through the thirty-meter depths of the “Tuvi and arriving at the “Bianche,” a deep, little-known area, accessible only to the most experienced divers, which is distinguished by the presence of rare species of extreme scientific value. Bordighera Blu Park aims to recover this peculiar ecosystem by protecting its biodiversity and encouraging the promotion of sustainable management models.

The project will be developed until 2025, going so far as to ensure the renaturalization and complete naturalistic enjoyment of the Capo Sant’Ampelio area with the establishment of a local Marine Protection Area managed by the Municipality of Bordighera. Meanwhile, during the summer of 2023, outreach activities for residents and tourists will take place, and storytelling dedicated to the beauty of Bordighera’s sea, including the deep sea, will continue, so as to make everyone aware of the peculiarities of the Capo Sant’Ampelio area and further promote conscious tourism.

Bordighera Blu Park is also on the Instagram and Facebook pages @BordigheraBluPark.