Sea & Land

The Cycle Path, so rich in flowers and plants, could not fail to arouse the interest of Libereso Guglielmi, the “Calvino house gardener” and the most important botanist in western Liguria. Libereso was born in 1925 in Bordighera, but resides in Via Dante Alighieri in Sanremo where he has created a garden with plants from all over the world and where he walks along the path on foot, as he does not ride a bicycle. His favourite walk is along the tracts bordering Pian di Poma, The Vesca and Santo Stefano al Mare.

“I know the track well and the entire coastal strip – says Libereso. Once upon a time, the train divided the city of Sanremo from the sea, but at the same time it also preserved the wealth of flora. Today because of the cycle path, there aren’t many areas with spontaneous plants as many new trees have been planted along the way. Mistakes have been made in the choice of plants, the places where they were planted and in their maintenance. In many areas they have dried, and the wild plants are reconquering these places. Especially in spring, far from the town and from the presence of animals, the path generously offers many edible plants and there are many people who collect them. In the area of Santo Stefano, near the sea, the delicious wild chard which grows on the sand mixed with sea grass can be found. Many interesting plants are located in Pian di Poma and the nearby Villaggio dei Fiori. Overall the coastal park is very interesting and has very characteristic flowers and plants”.

[Marco Scolesi]