Irene Brin’s garden in Sasso Bordighera (IM)

Sea & Land

“Irene’s Garden”, in the village of Sasso at Bordighera is a “landscape” in which the works of many artists have found space over time. The cultural vocation of “sculpture garden” desired by Irene Brin since the sixties is now revived with renewed vigour by her nephew, Vincent Torre, an art collector who wanted to follow the family tradition with a contemporary mark. In 2009, Torre invited the artist Maria Dompè to carry out a project for upgrading and environmentally reorganising the landscape, which allowed inaugurating the newly interpreted garden in September 2011. With sensitivity and respect for the traditional constraints of the surrounding landscape and by enhancing the features of the location, the artist created a conscious “contamination” of environmental art, creating a landscape reshaped and modulated in sinuous shapes with sculptures giving a modern setting.
In June 2013, the Cultural Association Irene Brin was founded, to whom the management of the garden was assigned, with the aim of promoting, among other things, young art and fashion talents.

The “Garden of Irene”, which is open from April to October, lends itself as an ideal location for film or photographic sets and class events such as cocktails, gala dinners and weddings thanks to the magic of this truly unique setting.

Samirah Muran