The Muscat of Taggia

Eat & Drink

If you succeed you are determined, if you fail you are simply stubborn. The tenacious protagonist of this story is called Eros Mammoliti who, true to his name, is a man in love with his land and its produce. In particular of the vanished Muscat of Taggia vine, which was famous in the Middle Ages and beyond…

Until the tenacious Mammoliti from Ceriana – just above Taggia – who works as a technician in the Mountain Community, began his quest, almost a medieval one, an epic journey which is at the same time a personal training path and a challenge at the service of a higher power. Which in this case, appears to be Mother Earth. And the quest is undertaken in the traditional way, on foot, through mountains, hills and valleys, listening to the wise old men who retain some ancient memories and rummaging through ill-kept or abandoned vineyards.

Meanwhile, his tenacity was beginning to become a legend and Mammoliti says with the amazement still in his voice after so many years: “The Region of Liguria came looking for me. They actually told me, why? Everybody asks for funds for anything and you do not ask for anything? And they offered me the invaluable collaboration of Dr. Anna Schneider of the CNR and University of Turin”. The wine expert Lorenzo Tablino – who works with Mammoliti – showed up at Schneider’s with a complete and well preserved rooted vine, obtained by propagating Taggia’s Muscat. Thus, from a small sprout, the tenacity of one man, the patience of a wife who shares his passion, a fine wine which has obtained the DOC label was reborn.