La Via del Sale is an ancient route that since ancient times connected the Cuneo mountains (from the old military road Limone-Monesi) to the sea, both on the east side from Ventimiglia to Sanremo and to the west, from the French Riviera. Travelers, traders, shepherds with their flocks, pilgrims and muleteers once transited along this unpaved road. Thanks to this route, the salt coming from the Ligurian sea was exchanged (as it was used to preserve meat, fish and olives) with the products of Piedmont’s agriculture.

Renovated a few years ago, the ancient Via del Sale is now a recreational and competitive route to be covered by off-road vehicles, cross bikes, quad bikes, mountain bikes, by foot or horseback. The road is regulated with toll transit upon reservation and accessible only in summer. Along the way you will come across Fort Central’s late 19th century military fortification. From here, going through several ups and downs along the Italian ridge and the landscape changes radically in the French territory. Indeed, the thick vegetation disappears giving way to expanses of karstic rocks that characterize the Marguareis Group. Going ahead and, returning to the Italian territory, the setting changes again in the Wood of Shuttles Park. It is possible to stay overnight at the Allavena refuge in Colle Melosa. A unique experience, an incomparable context.

For agonists, there is Via del Sale Extreme Race, but you can also join it as cycle tourists, riding e-bikes or tandems.

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